August 17, 2019
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Modern residential poolThe swimming pool deck is an integral part of your overall pool design. It forms the perfect place to relax and entertain around your pool. The deck will also help you bring together all elements of your pool’s decor into one cohesive look.

There are several material options for your deck but for property owners on a budget, concrete is the ideal choice. There are various ways for pool builders in Dallas can tweak concrete to form an impressive customized design for your deck. Here are some innovative modern concrete deck designs that will fit even the lowest budget.

1. Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete decks are perfect for property owners looking for unfussy and minimal designs for a contemporary look. The stamped concrete is adaptable to a broad range of landscaping designs. Currently, you can get the material in many varieties including some that mimic brick and stone finishes rather than the contemporary dull gray.

2. Incorporating Texture and Color

You can transform plain concrete with color and texture variations. Stained, acid-etched, sand-finished and stenciled concrete pool decks are some inexpensive options for changing your concrete’s color and texture. The texture change enhances not only the deck’s look but also its safety by roughening it up to minimize slips.

3. Classic Concrete

For property owners who want to exude a cool laid-back appearance using their pool’s deck, the classic concrete look is the best choice. This design is low-maintenance, simple and minimal. You can incorporate a fireplace and stylish lighting around the pool to complement the classic look and make your deck stand out.

Concrete pool decks would have been a ludicrous and unappealing idea before. But with the above design and the modern pool building equipment available, concrete decks are not the same anymore. Lack of money should hence not be an excuse for not having a drab pool deck.

Darnell Rollison