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Baker holding croissant with baking ingredients on table

Baker holding croissant with baking ingredients on tableOne of the most popular and lucrative food businesses is owning a bakery. Why? It’s for the simple reason that the demand for bread remains high. As the industry grows, you can find bakeries that specialize in specialty bread or cakes for all occasions.

Owning a bakery can be a good career move if you’re planning to leave the corporate world and set up your own business. You can start with a combination of bread products and specialize later on, depending on which area you think you’re strongest at, or start with a sole focus on a specific niche.

Are you ready? Here are three good pointers when starting out:

Plan Your Bakery

Like any other business, setting up a bakery requires careful planning. It’s not enough to find the money to start it. You need to scout for a good location and see if there’s a market for your bakery. Setting up shop in a high-traffic area is a great choice, so go for schools, offices, or residential areas.

You should also plan your hours of operation. If you’ll be selling freshly baked bread, you need to be open early so your customers can have their bread for breakfast. If you’ll be catering to students and employees, you may also want to offer sandwiches for lunch or dinner. Decide on these things early.

Source Your Supplies and Ingredients

Your bakery should have the best ingredients and a complete line up of machines or equipment needed for baking. You’ll also need display racks, coffee machines, and tables and chairs if you decide to serve food to your customers instead of just take away.

In addition, you should find suppliers for the ingredients you’ll need regularly. This ensures that you’ll always be able to serve strawberry shortcake or almond cupcakes regardless of the season. Customers are more likely to come back if your bread or cakes are always available.

Hire the Best Staff

Modern bakeshop interiorHire the best people for the job. If you won’t be doing the actual baking, make sure you have bakers and staff that have the same vision and values as you. They should work hard even when no one’s watching and make it a point to keep quality high at all times. Cleanliness and hygiene are also important.

There are many other points to study and consider before setting up your own bakery business. These are just three of the most significant ones to think about. If you plan carefully, you can have a business that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren.


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