August 18, 2019
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Web Design

Web DesignNew and more innovative online marketing strategies have surfaced in the past few years, but paid advertisements are still relevant and growing. The pay-per-click or PPC platform is here to stay, with a solid growth in ad revenue.

When you are undergoing a site redesign, it’s important to know how to adjust your PPC ads accordingly. Here are some things you should change.

Tracking Codes

Without tracking codes, you can’t measure how well or unwell your PPC ads are doing. Make sure the tracking codes still have the right landing pages and still measure the tracking conversions. suggests undergoing an SEO training in Minnesota that focuses on creating effective PPC ads to know more about the right process, as this involves making changes to the source code.

Landing Page URLs

Since a site redesign may involve changing the entire URL of the site, you may need to change the landing page URLs as well. Every PPC ad should link to their particular landing pages. If you don’t do this, every click you get will send users to broken pages, like a 404 error page.

Company Information

When redesigning a site, you should always check and recheck all web pages to get rid of inconsistencies. Are vital company information, products and services, and special promotions still easy to find for the users? These are important because they can serve as a call-to-action for users to get what you’re offering.

Contact Number

Visitors who want to schedule an appointment or have questions for you will rely on the phone numbers listed on your site. Make sure there’s a link to the contact page on every page of your site. The numbers should always be correct, complete, and consistent throughout the site.

These are some of the things you need to work on for your PPC ads to turn into leads and sales even after a site redesign. Work with an expert or learn it yourself to do it right.

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