July 21, 2019
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Gym EquipmentsYou’re too busy to visit the local gym, but you’ve been dying to get a regular workout. You look for an extra space at home where you can perform a few exercises before going to the office. Still, you think floor exercises are not quite enough. So, you decided you’ll create your very own home gym!

Before you take out a cash loan from an Australian lender or bank and shop for gym equipment, you should first know the essential items for your home gym. Here are some of them:

  1. Dumbbells and Kettlebells

You can do various exercises with dumbbells, so they are a worthy investment. Get three to five sets of dumbbells in a range of weights to make sure you’ll have something to use as you level up your workout. Purchase a few kettlebells too, as some exercises are more challenging with a kettlebell.

  1.   Pull-Up Bar

With a pull-up bar installed in your home gym, you can do pull-ups whenever you want to. You can practice several gymnastic exercises with this equipment. If you still find it hard to do pull-ups, you’ll need resistance bands for assistance, so include them in your purchase as well.

  1. Medicine Ball

The medicine ball is an essential item for your home gym. It is a great tool for core strength, abdominal, and plyometric exercises. Just remember to buy a soft medicine ball, so it won’t be too heavy when you throw or catch it.

  1. Plyo-Box

Plyo-boxes are a great tool for different sets of exercise. You can use them for jumping exercises, squatting, bench dips, and other routines. Exercising using plyo-boxes will help develop your power and agility. Don’t forget to add them to your purchase. But if you have the knack for DIY projects, you can build plyo-boxes on your own.

With these basic items in your home gym, you’re more prepared to do various exercises at your own pace!

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