About Ink Well

Whether you’re filling up the pages of your favorite notebook, strumming a new bass line, blowing up the blogosphere, or stretching a piece of fresh canvas, we all have our favorite forms of self-expression. Art and literature are only two outlets with which we share our emotions, experiences, and imaginations—but those two just happen to be our favorites. There’s just something irresistible about ink on the page.

As twentysomethings not so fresh out of college, it didn’t take long in the working world to recognize our daily lives were missing something; that the death-eater cubicle gray was coloring our moods, not just our offices; that our dual loves of art and writing were competing with status meetings and long commutes—and losing. Where was the inspiration? The creativity? And as anyone who has ever spent 8+ hours under fluorescent lights can tell you: the beauty?

In short, we know firsthand that the daily grind life can leave you feeling…well, soulless. And we’re hoping Ink Well can help.

Ink Well was founded in 2011 by two friends and corporate humbums as a way to wrangle a little creativity back into our lives. In a world of Excel spreadsheets, file-folder mountains, and endless email spam, Ink Well aims to help you live outside of the margins, showcasing extraordinary emerging talent from the writers, artists, photographers, and creative minds that we know and love. Ink Well wants share with you the people who inspire us every day, so that you, too, can Ink Well.

Meet The Team

Jen Rhodes is a closet-graduate of Loyola University’s business school who was searching for a creative outlet to escape Excel spreadsheets and credit balancing Accounting homework when Chicago’s rich art scene satiated this need and inspired her to create her own work (That’s right! No formal art education! Business Major! Conspiracy!). While in business school, Jen realized that life in a polyester pantsuit is no way to life and found an internship-turned-job at a cultural center of art and learned that even life in a gray cubical can be full of color. She’s a self-proclaimed hobbyist, obsessed with a medium for a month or two, then on to the next, and usually not settling on any craft long enough to finish a complete project. On the brink of crazy-cat-lady, Jen’s two cats are destined for stardom. She has a boyfriend who is equally as obsessed with The Simpsons (select seasons, before they jumped the shark) as she is, and comes from a pure Polish family, being from Chicago and all. You can contact her at jen@inkwellmag.com.

Jenna Skwarekis a word nerd based in the ‘burbs of Chicago, IL. She graduated from the University of Iowa with an English degree and a new appreciation for pie shakes. As a rule, she will read anything and everything she can get her hands on. Currently, she is an editor with an independent publisher—a job she sincerely enjoys despite a mind-numbing 90-minute commute. Working with manuscript all day lets Jenna feel like she’s off the hook when she slacks on her own creative writing, which is basically all the time. She has an equally nerdy boyfriend, a lovable hellhound named Izzy, and a big sprawling family that keeps her busy outside of work and Ink Well. You can reach her at jenna@inkwellmag.com.