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Moving ExpertsIt would be so much easier if you were just moving to the next block, or if you don’t have scores of boxes of personal belongings to transport to another city. When you focus on these things, you might become overwhelmed. The list of things to accomplish within a limited time seems to go on and on. However, with a little effort at organisation, you can go through a life-defining event with aplomb.

Here is a handful of things to prioritise when you move to a new city.

Comparing costs before hiring a removal company

The cost of moving depends on many factors, and a significant section of the pie goes to hiring a moving company. In Auckland, furniture movers such as Rodney Removals are more than willing to give you a free quote. Remember to work only with professional moving companies. Narrow it down to those that send a representative to assess the actual stuff to be moved.

You can take advantage of relocation packages, especially if you are a student attending university. Some movers include packing and unpacking to their relocation packages, so consider these options as well. Always, compare removal costs between a handful of companies before settling for one.

Deciding early what and what not to pack

Choosing a removal company should be your top priority because it comes with the decision regarding who will pack your belongings. If your heart is set on packing everything yourself, then schedule packing sessions as early as two weeks prior to the date of the move.

Packing everything entails a great deal of thought. You should realise that planning goes beyond deciding how many boxes and what kind of packing materials you need to organise and secure your things. You also have to decide which things to pack, which stuff to leave behind and place in storage, and which stuff to sell or give away.

To summarise, if you have plenty of possessions to sort through, then start packing early. Remember to compare costs when choosing a removal company that will transport your belongings.

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