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Places to Live in Minnesota

Places to Live in MinnesotaMinnesota is one state that is easy to fall in love with. Apart from its clean and green cities, MN is one of the most scenic places in the country with charming and sweet small towns. It also boasts a booming economy and is ranked #1 for job creation in 2015 Gallup Polls, and voted as America’s 2015 top state for business.

If you’re looking for a place to settle, Minnesota is worth considering. Here are some of the top places to live in this state.


Located in the southwest of Minneapolis, Edina is known for its good to excellent quality of life. There are plenty of houses for sale in Edina, MN, catering to different families with different budgets. The suburb, furthermore, has great schools, with top companies such as Regis Corporation, Orange Julius, and Dairy Queen headquartering in the area. This affluent community also boasts a collection of public parks perfect for families, kids, and retirees.


Also referred to as the “Med City,” Rochester is home to Mayo Clinic. This not-for-profit group’s medical practice has contributed to the area’s local economy by attracting millions of annual visitors and employing thousands of people. What residents love about this town are its parks and the beautiful downtown district. Rochester also has a thriving art community, hip music scene, and a leading university.


Just less than 30 minutes away from Minneapolis, Chanhassen is ranked as one of the top 50 places to live in the country. There are plenty of excellent opportunities in the area, with Emerson Technology and other Fortune 500 companies providing more jobs. The town also boasts a host of smaller green spaces with lakes, beaches, and trails. There are also plenty of exciting things to do in the city.

These are just a few of the best places to live in Minnesota. Any of this town can surely appeal to you, and be a top contender if you’re relocating or looking for a new place to call home. Other top places in MN include St. Paul, St. Louis Park, Northfield, Moorhead, and Eden Prairie.

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