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social media identity
social media identityCorporate identity is more than the logo or overall branding of the company. It is not what the company offers its customers through product or service packaging. It is what is formed in the customers’ minds about the brand.

Top Brands in Social Media

Shaping a winning corporate or brand identity in social media is as complicated as it is in non-digital market. It is achievable, nevertheless. Some of the most successful brands that did great in social media in 2014 are Fiat, Yamaha and Burton. These brands were ranked based from the change they have undergone in a span of a year, in terms of improved sentiment among and greater engagement with its audience.

In major social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Linked In, The Huffington Post, for example, has been a trusted name for online journalism. Its daily ration of articles on lifestyle, politics, show business and virtually anything under the sun has catapulted its reputation and identity as a household name in web journalism. It has been running now for ten years.

Marketing in Social Media

So, how can any company achieve this feat? Like The Huffington Post, one should think of social media as an avenue for making connections and impact. Giving value to each interaction in the form of post or comment will create relationships and generate patronage.

Social media also allows brands to exceed entrepreneur-client relationships. A company should be able to leave an impact that surpasses the goal to generate income. It creates memory and legacy.

A successful branding strategy should consist of powerful images, for a start. Learning about online design strategy as that from voodoocreative.com.au covers this aspect in branding strategy. The visual aspect of a brand is very important because it is the first thing that greets a potential customer.

Establishing corporate identity is an important aspect of marketing. Once a company harnessed the powers of social media in creating this identity, the marketing performance will soar to greater heights.

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