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OnlineIn a recent Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) survey, 6.5% of Filipinos who are within legal age are out of work. One of the biggest supplier of jobs in the country is currently the BPO industry, which employs at least one million Filipinos this year alone and is still going strong. If you don’t intend to stay under the unemployed statistics for too long, then you might want to try applying as a call center agent. Below, Outsource Consultants shares three possible avenues for you to look through as you polish up your resume and ID pictures.

Online Ads

The Internet offers hundreds of Philippine telemarketing vacancies and staff requirements at the touch of a finger. It can even allow you to sift through the existing choices for the best job offers that will fit your qualifications. And with just an hour or so at your local computer cafe, you can apply for the job, submit your application and do your research about the company you are aiming for, all in one go. Now, before you leave, update your resume and have it printed as well


Since there are so many call center agents today, it’s not such a far-off idea to literally bump into someone who is currently working in a contact or BPO center. Ask friends and family to find call center workers who can refer you to their company, and they will do it willingly. Some call centers offer a referral fee for all employment aspirants who pass their rigorous application processes. While you’re at it, ask for tips and tricks they can share to make passing the pre-employment requirements a bit easier, along with advice on the Philippine call center lifestyle.

Hiring Agencies

For those who are still unsure of themselves and are finding it hard to walk up to those call center company’s double doors to apply, there are hiring and referral agencies that will happily process your application process. They can also give you tips on how to pass the interview and other professional advice to meet the criteria of your goal company easily. Another great feature of these referral companies is that they process almost everything themselves during the initial procedures and some would even ferry you to the company you passed your initial tests in. Some even promise approval, hiring and contract signing within 24 hours. With a service like this, it’s totally alright to be a little anxious since you are guaranteed that you will be cared for.

Now that you have some choices for your call center job sources, it is time to practice your communication skills and muster enough confidence to pass all the tests and interviews. And don’t stop just because you got rejected by one BPO company. Just go back to the people who referred you and even the hiring agent that accepted you. With their help, you will eventually be able to get that dream job.

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