July 21, 2019
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Woman with contact lensesContact lenses can help to correct vision in the workplace. However, there is controversy about wearing them when engaging in eye-hazardous jobs.

Here are five things to know about wearing contact lenses in industrial workplaces.

Contact lenses may help prevent eye injury

Contact lenses can stop certain substances from reaching your eyes. The lenses can then minimise or even avert an eye injury. Wearing the lenses rather than eyeglasses may also help improve the fit and comfort of certain eye safety equipment.

Contact lenses may complicate eye safety

There are several arguments against having contact lenses at a hazardous workplace. If chemicals or dust get trapped behind your contact lenses, they may irritate or damage your cornea. Gases and vapours can also get under the lenses, irritate your eyes, and cause excessive watering.

Contact lenses may worsen injuries

If there is a chemical splash, eye injury may be worse if you are wearing contact lenses. The chemical might concentrate within or beneath the lens. Also, a delay in the removal of the lens will reduce the effectiveness of first aid. It will also increase the length of the exposure to the chemical.

You need proper eye protection over the lenses

You may wear contact lenses in certain hazardous environments. However, you need to cover them with suitable industrial eye protection. Consider the hazards present and choose appropriate safety eyewear to wear on top.

Is it wise to wear contact lenses?

When deciding on wearing contact lenses, consider the hazards at the specific industrial setting. Then, ask your optometrist if it is safe to wear your lenses in such an environment.

Although contact lenses do not offer adequate protection against eye hazards, they provide improved vision in the workplace. However, wearing them in certain environments can be risky. Your optometrist should help you and your employer find out whether you can safely wear your lenses at work.

If it is safe to wear the lenses, cover them with appropriate eye protection.

Darnell Rollison