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Toddlers playing in child care centerThe layout of a day-care centre requires careful planning. A thoughtful approach ensures that you keep its users in mind: the children. The key is to strike a balance between maximum learning experience and absolute comfort. To carry this out, you need to look into the three main zones of the space:

Activity Zone

The largest space in a childcare centre is usually for the activity area wherein children typically spend most of their time. This zone typically has a wide-open space in the middle to allow for various activities (e.g., playing, storytelling, dancing, etc.), with the shelves for toys and educational materials pushed against the walls. For facilities catering to school-aged children, the area can also include furniture solutions for education so young students to do their work.

Resting Zone

The resting zone is a separate room for children to take their nap, which is crucial for the physical and mental development of a child. Cribs, cots, pillows, rocking chairs, changing tables, and storage units for diaper bags, feeding bottles, and other supplies are the common furnishings found in this area.

Storage Zone

While the children also have a storage area—typically placed near the entrance—for their things, the storage zone refers to the area that keeps the centre’s supplies and equipment. Generally, a part of this zone is open to allow children to get and return supplies, such as paper and crayons. The enclosed part, on the other hand, usually stores the staff’s belongings, medical and cleaning supplies, and equipment that children should not reach.

Childcare centres, of course, also need to take into account the safety of the children. You need to undertake reasonable care in preventing injuries and illnesses. Your staff also needs training in first aid. Every detail, including these main zones, requires careful consideration when designing a childcare centre. After all, these facilities are like a second home to many young children.

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