August 18, 2019
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YoutubeHumans are inherently visual. Unlike some of our counterparts in the animal kingdom, a large part of our brain is dedicated in processing signals coming from our eyes. We learn a lot just by seeing things. And most of the times, we don’t just want to see things; we prefer watching them.

Watching is Learning

Watching is probably the oldest way to learn new things. When you board a plane, you watch the flight attendant fasten the seatbelt or use the oxygen mask. When you cook, you watch the chef do it. You watch dance videos when you workout.

That’s why billions of people use YouTube every day. It is not only a site where you watch cute cat videos; it is also a place where you get to learn new things through informational and how-to videos.

Stage Your Brand through YouTube

With more than a billion users searching for video content, YouTube is indeed a good platform where you can target your campaign. Every minute, people from all over the world watch millions of hours’ worth of videos in YouTube, ranging from the entertaining to the informative. For online marketers, this is a haven where they can put their brands across their type of audience.

How It Works

Just like how Google Search works, YouTube also ranks content based on how relevant the video is for the users. This means lower bounce rate, better view counts, longer watch rate, higher shares and thumbs up, and positive comments.

Optimising Your YouTube Video

But to rank better in YouTube, you need more than just an excellent video content. You also need to use strong keywords to make it as searchable as possible. Include a strong keyword phrase to your title to make it clear and engaging. Your description should be optimised with keywords, too. But don’t overdo it, lest you want a description that sounds forced and spammy. SEO companies in Perth are the experts in these, so consider seeking help from them.

To be a better campaigner, you need to be everywhere, including YouTube. Optimise your YouTube campaigns today and see how it could boost your sales.

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