July 21, 2019
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A person working on their laptop While technology can help employees get their work done faster, it can also be a source of distraction. Surveys suggest the most disturbances at work come from surfing the Internet and using mobile phones. Checking and replying to emails, constant checking of Facebook and Twitter, watching online videos, and texting are some of the activities that compromise productivity.

While this is true in most cases, technology is not the only thing that can prevent workers from getting their job done. Distractions are everywhere in the office. One example is a co-worker dropping by at another employee’s workplace and initiating an unrelated work discussion like gossip.

Here some more productivity killers that everybody should avoid:

Noise Distraction

This is a common complaint in the office, particularly in an open-office design. According to a paper from Cornell University, while this workplace layout can promote teamwork, productivity, and communication, it can also augment noise. Tasks requiring complex verbal processes are likely to be disturbed. Distracting noise can be from loud conversations, coughs, whispering, and others.

Dirty Workplace

Apart from being distracting, a messy work environment is also a source of stress. Trying to work or navigate a messy workplace wastes both time and money. This can make employees exhausted, with possible effects of decreased job fulfillment and compromised work quality. Forte Commercial Cleaning and other office cleaning companies suggest investing in professional cleaning to minimize distractions.

Meetings (Scheduled and Unscheduled)

While both high- and low-level meetings are important, they can also affect productivity. Not all meetings are bad, but many are unnecessary and a waste of time. An employee who is working on a complicated task, for instance, will need to take a forced break to attend an unrelated meeting. Meetings, furthermore, miss important points of discussion and wander off to other topics.

Don’t let these distractions affect your business’s bottom line. Find ways to eliminate distractions and prioritize employee comfort and satisfaction. It is also important to encourage workers to take breaks throughout the day. You can promote productivity by scheduling breaks, letting them work near productive people, or allowing them to do light exercises like taking a 10- or 15-minute walk.

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