July 21, 2019
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PlumbingDrain blocks are standard issues in most homes. Ignoring the problem and hoping DIY measures will remedy it causes even more severe issues. The dirty water that builds up after drain blockage forms a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which leads to various water-borne conditions.

The build-up might also cause significant water damage. Determining the cause of the blockage is essential to efficient drain unblocking. This is relatively easy with the video camera inspection by experienced plumbers. Here are some problems the camera inspection might detect.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are among the most common causes of drain blocks, as the water attracts plant roots. The only way to detect this problem in the past was through digging up your entire plumbing system. Thankfully, this has been primarily replaced by video camera inspection. This, therefore, minimises the costs and time needed to dig up your whole system.

Damaged Pipes

Most homeowners use store-bought chemical products to unblock drains. Over time, this might eat away at your pipes and misalign, deform, or crush them, causing even more blockages. Video camera inspection visualises your entire plumbing system and will efficiently pick any damages. This makes it easier to target repair and replacements.

Grease Build-up

Pouring hot oil down the drain is common among many homeowners. It is not easy to discern that grease build-up is the cause of your drain blockage. Video camera inspection will help your plumber find grease in your drains and remedy the situation. The plumber might install grease traps to avoid this problem in the future.

Video camera inspections do not affect your overall plumbing expenses because they are classified as part of the plumber’s tools and services for fixing your problem. Cost should not be a limiting factor to hiring a plumbing company that uses video cameras for inspections.

Darnell Rollison