August 24, 2019
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Beautiful exterior of a luxury houseThinking of selling your home? Even if you’re not, it’s good to keep your home’s property value high in case you need to sell your home on short notice. The advantages are plenty— you get to live in a top-notch home or, when you do decide to sell, you might even turn a serious profit.

You don’t have to make elaborate, expensive renovations either. Simple changes could still yield big results.

Carry out your quick fixes

Everyone has a long list of tiny chores they want to do around the house but never get around to finishing. Whether it’s replacing your roof shingles, or just painting over chipped wall paint, this is the time to actually get things done. For big jobs like replacing pipes or garage door repair in Philadelphia, hire an expert for better results. The damage will only get bigger the longer you wait.

Do some landscaping

Homes with yards are growing rarer by the year, which means having a sprawling lawn will only boost your property value. Landscaping is also a good way to boost your curb appeal to attract buyers. A few hundred dollars to get professionals to plant a few garden plants and mow your lawn pays for itself with your home’s resale value.

Renovate the kitchen and bathrooms

Kitchens and baths are huge selling points to potential buyers. If you don’t have the budget for a major renovation, you can start by making small, but crucial upgrades. Start with a fresh coat of paint or new tiles. A neutral palette opens up the space, especially if your home isn’t that big.

Switch up your lights

Add more dimmers! Dim lighting is a cost-effective feature you can add to your home that will yield big results. It brings a touch of upscale class, regardless of the size of your house. It creates homey yet, modern atmosphere that all buyers will enjoy.

A few quick, cheap changes to your home can give it a price boost. Of course, the best way to keep that price high is through consistent care and maintenance. Fix what’s broken as soon as possible, and always do a thorough cleaning of your home once per season.

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