A Quick Storage Checklist for Construction Sites

Posted on by Ink Well Mag

construction site projectThe worksite is often the de facto storage space for construction materials. Such a system makes it easier and quicker to continue building because they simplify logistics. Despite the convenience it affords, every manager should know about the risks of onsite storage of materials and how to avoid them.

Storage of Equipment

Equipment used in construction can be very expensive. Thus, they need to be protected from any form of tampering or theft. Retailers like Herrick Industrial Supply carry cabinets that are capable of storing the tools of the trade, ensuring that they stay where they are even when left at a site.

Storage of Wooden Items

Wood is a more sensitive product and thus it requires a bit more attention. They should be piled according to size and material. Moreover, there must be spaces between each piece to avoid the accumulation of moisture. Be wary of sun exposure or any moisture like rain hitting these materials.

Storing Bricks

Bricks are resistant materials which require little maintenance at the worksite. They can be left stacked in a strategic area. Separating the kinds and sizes will make it easier for the construction crew to get the right one when they need it. Keep them on dry ground and remember that they should only be stacked at a maximum of 10 bricks high.

Storing Steel

Steel is susceptible to corrosion and, if kept under pressure, they can lose their shape. Store steel where they won’t be subject to any force. In addition, keep them dry and away from the rain. If there is a possibility of excess moisture in the air, consider coating the steel with primer.

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Storing Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks, especially those built on the site, should be kept where they are easy to unload and apply to the project. Avoid exceeding the 1.2-meter height limit when stocking them. Furthermore, don’t mix cured cement blocks with those who haven’t undergone the process. This way, the blocks won’t be damaged.

Storing materials in a construction site is an affordable option for builders. It also expedites the process of construction. With the right practices, the supplies can be secured and they can maintain their integrity throughout the construction period.