Looking Forward: The Future of Print

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Stacked newspapersMany futurists spell a grim tomorrow for the print industry. It’s easy to understand why. Almost everything is digital now, even money. This presents a whole new era of convenience, but at what cost? Many people believe that that’ll happen at the cost of print dying out.

Some industry experts and commercial printing services such as woolstonprinting.com.au may beg to differ, however.

No One’s Dying

Faren Rajkumar of The Current puts it this way: print media still has a place in anyone’s daily lives. Digital media (particularly social media) is powerful but hasn’t touched all of society yet. People will still get their fix of information from print media such as posters, flyers, and brochures.

They won’t be able to go online literally all the time. Digital media has a ton of advantages, but it has one fatal flaw: its vulnerability to cyber attacks. Many businesses limit access to digital content because of this. One must also remember how resourceful and skilled hackers can be.

Just last year, the so-called WannaCry ransomware extorted money from public utilities and large corporations worldwide. For the uninitiated, ransomware works by withholding critical data until the affected party pays up the perpetrators.

No Exposure

Print media does not have this vulnerability. Many advertisers and marketers recognise this and may resort to something creative. Why not mix both print and digital? It can be effective in specific industries such as construction, which can lead to bigger business partnerships.

Experts believe that digital and print can only tell one side of the story, so why not have the best of both worlds?

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One can argue that print media isn’t the future. But it’s not history, either. Today is predominantly digital, but that’s it. Digital media still has yet to permeate every section of society and industry. Unless the critical vulnerabilities of digital are ironed out, print media is here to stay.