The Things You Need for an Office Space Franchise

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People in coworking spaceShared and managed office spaces are becoming more in demand because of budding entrepreneurs and freelance professionals. These are the people who want to escape the distractions of staying at home, but don’t want to go as far as setting up an office. They see shared office spaces as the most practical solution for them.

Space and Equipment

Modern office space franchises allow individuals and small companies to rent rooms or an entire floor of a building, which are divided into many smaller offices. The offices, which (of course) need to be located strategically, can be bare or furnished. In some cases, the franchise also takes care of the computer and equipment setup. 

These offices share a common lounge, pantry, and concierge at the front desk to take calls and screen visitors or applicants. More importantly, there’s a conference room that can be rented per hour or per day for meetings, training, and client or investor calls.

This kind of setup is different from other types of shared offices, which are often referred to as co-working. Here, freelancers and professionals who are working remotely can walk in and work for as many hours as they like in a day. They share space with other people and use the Internet, electricity, and bathrooms. Some charge membership or subscription rates, while others allow walk-ins to come and go as they please.

There are already about 1,000 shared offices and co-working spaces in Australia, and more opportunities are opening each day because many unused office spaces are still waiting to be utilised.

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High-Speed Internet and Privacy

One of the most important things you need to set up for your business franchise is a high-speed Internet. It would be best to have multiple providers since you’ll need a secondary system in case of updates or downtime. There’s also a lot of bandwidth needed for file transfers, video calls, and conferences.

When it comes to security and privacy, you can tighten security by securing each office space with biometric access. This way, only authorised people can access the room they’re renting. This kind of office setup allows people to work 24/7, so it’s important to have the best security measures in place.

Workplaces are evolving and rapidly expanding. Thanks to the Internet, teams can stay in touch wherever in the world they may be. The world of working 9 to 5 may soon become non-existent. Who knows, right?