July 21, 2019
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Vaping ladyLike most gadgets, your electronic cigarette also needs some maintenance to make it last longer than expected. However, proper electronic cigarette maintenance requires more than just replacing the cartridges now and then.

Green Smart Living shares a few easy steps to properly take care of your electronic cigarettes to ensure that it’s in top condition.

Learn how to charge the battery properly

Never charge the battery if it still has a lot of power in it left. Plugging the battery in when it still has 15-20% battery remaining can shortening your its life. So, ensure that the battery is fully drained and the battery indicator is flashing dead charge it. Improperly charging the battery may require you to replace your e-cig batteries from time to time.

Clean it

You may need to clean your e-cigarette as soon as it starts to taste funny. Cleaning it will help remove the gunk inside of it that prevents the e-liquid from dripping. You may want to wipe it with a clean cloth to remove any foreign material that may clog the e-cigar.

Don’t vape too hard

It’s best to leave a bit of e-liquid inside your e-cigar when you’re almost running out of it. Burning the e-liquid entirely can leave a burnt aftertaste and may even break your device in the long run. So, try to monitor the level of the juice so you won’t dry it out completely.

Consider replacing a few parts

There will be times when a few parts of your e-cigar is starting to give up. If it happens, then consider getting replacement parts instead. Replacing any device that is no longer functioning correctly can help you save money in the long run.

Keeping your e cigar well-maintained is essential if you want to make it last longer. You may want to ask other vape or e-cigar users and ask them for more tips on how to properly maintain your device.

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