August 18, 2019
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Web Design Layout Concept

Web Design Layout ConceptWeb design matters in businesses that maintain their own websites. After all, what is the use of a website if it doesn’t earn any revenue? In this context, all elements of web design should work together to give clients and site visitors the best possible user experience. Direct them to a cluttered page and you might end up with fewer visitors.

Typography Affects Conversion Rates

Among all web design elements, typography is the most underestimated. Most companies think it’s just print on the web page. As long as clients could read the content and navigate to where they want to go, nothing is bound to go wrong. This is an absolute myth that web design experts in Connecticut warn many site owners. Even in the smallest of online businesses, typography matters.

Typography refers to the arrangement of text. There is art even in how each letter is created. How the text appears in print or online has a huge effect on readership. For instance, a small text strains the eyes, while larger fonts can be overwhelming.

Similarly, readership is important to your online visitors. Keep in mind that websites were created for an efficient and convenient reading experience. The fact that your visitors may even be browsing your website using their smartphones is an indication that you should pay attention to the readability of your text. Once your clients realize your content is difficult to read, they’ll hop on to the next website without batting an eye.

Improve the Typography in Your Website

Highlights are recommended to add emphasis to your content. You can emphasize a keyword without interrupting readership. This is where bold prints, underlines, and italics come in handy.

An expert in web design might also recommend widows and orphans, or single spaces that come after a paragraph. These spaces give your readers a break from reading content, preparing them for the next set of sentences. Lastly, include hanging quotes along the margin of the body of the text. This trains the reader’s eye to move from one line to another. It also looks flattering on the web page.

Typography is a big deal in web design. The next time you plan to have your website tweaked, tick the aforementioned elements and change what needs to be changed.

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