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Big Ben and Westminster Bridge at duskLiving or working in London may seem like an intimidating idea if you are on a budget. Besides, many consider it as one of the most expensive cities in the world. A lot of people, however, have found out for themselves it is indeed possible to stay there without spending a fortune.

Here are some helpful pointers you might want to keep in mind.

Getting around in the city

Unsurprisingly, owning and maintaining a car can be quite pricey in London. So if you are on a tight budget, you might forget about it and explore other alternatives instead. A travel card can help you move around London way cheaper.

People will recommend getting an Oyster card, for example, since it is usually less expensive compared to paying cash. Whenever you can, try travelling during off-peak hours for further savings.

Another idea is to use bicycles. The good thing about London is that it is a cycling-friendly city. You can even rent bikes or buy pre-owned ones from brick-and-mortar shops and online sellers.

Employees may also purchase new bikes tax-free through their employers, and this could help you save up to 25% off the price tag.

Living in London

If you know where to look, you can always find affordable accommodation here in London. Do some research by checking out lodging websites and even local newspapers. When renting a room, you may also share with a room mate to reduce the cost.

There are flatmate-finding websites out there you can use exactly for this purpose. Of course, it would make sense to do some background check to make sure you will be safe with the person you share lodgings with.

Also, make sure to ask around so you can get good suggestions. Use social media or ask people you know. You will probably find useful recommendations about which places are good for you.

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