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Swiss Brand in LondonRolex – most people have probably heard about this brand. These are timeless luxury watches that have stood the test of time and have gone through countless innovations to cater to various people in different environments.

Having gone through countless development and innovation, these pieces come with different needs in terms of maintenance. To preserve these iconic timepieces, proper care, regular maintenance, and repairs at the first sign of a problem are necessary. Hal Davis Jewelers shares more interesting facts about the brand to satisfy the curiosity of its avid fans.

What “Rolex” Actually Means

Hans Wilsdorf, one of its co-founders, said that he wanted the brand name to be easily said and pronounced in any language. He also wanted a name that would look good on a watch face. But, there is a myth about the name’s origins: it is said that the name comes from the phrase horlogerie exquise, which is “exquisite clockwork” in French.

The Swiss Brand Originated in London

Contrary to popular belief, the company started out assembling watches instead of making them. When Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis started the company in London, it involved imported Swiss movements being placed in English watch bodies.

In 1919, their English headquarters officially closed and moved to Geneva because of the taxes on exports after the First World War and the cost of gold and silver in England hindering them from making profits even if their products were of top quality.

Telling the Fake from the Original

It’s easy to tell whether a Rolex timepiece is fake or not. In the original, the second hands are mechanical, which means they sweep the dial gracefully. For fakes, however, the second hands tick every second individually.

All Rolex Timepieces are Still Assembled by Hand

Though machines build some of the watches’ components, all these timepieces are still assembled by hand.

From the Top of the World to the Bottom of the Sea

The men of the British Himalaya Expedition all wore Rolex Oyster Perpetuals when they reached the summit of Mount Everest in 1953. None of their watches lost a second or broke down during the expedition.

Sailors attached a Rolex to the outside of the U.S. Navy’s Trieste and dove to the depths of the Mariana Trench – 35,798 feet deep. It kept perfect time, even at pressures of 14,000 pounds per square inch.

If you own a Rolex, wear it with pride! These precious watches have stood the test of time and are still dominating the market along with other prestigious brands.

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