August 17, 2019
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Guy adding a product to wishlist on Amazon

Guy adding a product to wishlist on AmazonRetailers have either found Amazon to be a boon or bane for their business, depending on their minimum advertised price policy (MAP) requirements.

Whether or not you wish to sell your products on the e-commerce giant’s website, your brand may still appear there. Hence, a tracking tool will be useful to monitor prices and protect your brand at the same time.

Double-Edged Sword

Brands that are more popular have a higher chance of being resold on Amazon. Recently launched brands are more willing to have the exposure since more than 300 million people buy items on the website.

For established brands, however, it’s important to track prices and make sure that authorized resellers observe your MAP policy. U.S. trade laws such as the First Sale Doctrine can be quite lenient on unauthorized resellers, but you can hire a trademark lawyer to discourage them from selling an item for a lower price.

You can also make sure that your brands have been well-represented on Amazon’s Brand Registry tool for trademark brands.

MAP Policy

A MAP policy should not be associated with price fixing, which involves “an agreement among competitors that raises, lowers, or stabilizes prices or competitive terms,” according to the Federal Trade Commission.

On the other hand, MAP policies allow brands to choose which retailers can resell their products at an agreed advertised price. This agreement is important especially for luxury brands since customers know that a high-end product entails an expensive price tag.

Otherwise, the brand’s image may suffer from poorly implemented MAP policies.


Competitive pricing on Amazon has been rampant as many brands fight for customer loyalty. While MAP policies are important, retailers should also consider investing in other price-tracking tools to make sure that their brand and bottom-line are not compromised. What’s your pricing strategy for brand protection?

Darnell Rollison