August 18, 2019
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Exploring Western Australia Have you visited WA recently? Compared to two years ago, the state had a 127,000 increase in visitors this year. That takes us to around 935,000 Australians travelling to WA during their last domestic holiday.

Makes you think about what people go there for, right?

If you are planning to go on a trip to WA, be mindful of the number of people you are going with. Travelling in big groups has plenty of advantages, especially for accommodations. You’ll get to save huge amounts if you have more people to share the expenses with. Be. Fremantle suggests booking serviced apartments for your next trip.

So, if you’re headed to WA and wondering about the things you can do there, here’s a simple list to serve as your guide:

Fremantle’s Unlikely Tourist Spot

The Fremantle Prison welcomes around 200,000 people yearly. The place is already an award-winning attraction, but the government wishes to make the tourist spot more well-known. While it is a world heritage-listed building, the only one in Western Australia, they are still looking for ideas to make it flourish even further.

Built in the 1850s using convict labour, the prison shut down in 1991, only to reopen two months later as a tourist attraction. The place offers a variety of tours, each one unique and exciting.

Other tourist spots in Fremantle include the Western Australian Maritime Museum and the Fremantle Markets.

Perth’s Secret Destinations

Ever heard of the Careniup Wetlands? It is a garden found in Guelup and one of the region’s best kept secrets. The secret garden is an enchanting oasis that has people on Instagram wanting to go there to see place for themselves.

Other notable places found in Perth are the Black Diamond and John Oldham Park – the one with the hidden waterfall.

Discovery Bay – History, Flora and Fauna

Pay tribute to the last whaling station in Australia and go to Discovery Bay. Not only did it preserve memories of the past, but it also has animal enclosures and botanical gardens open to the public. Their garden includes the propagation and preservation of endangered as well as rare florae.

When you plan your trip, research goes a long way. Some places in WA are still unexplored, and continuous facility improvements are being made to garner more patrons. So, try to veer from the usual and consider going to the less visited attractions.

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