April 21, 2019
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Legal Secretary

Legal SecretaryBecoming a lawyer is the ultimate aspiration of many. The prestige and pay are both materialistic rewards, but who is going to say that going for those things is not worth the effort? It is, for those who can. It is no secret that going to law school is expensive, if not distant. The good, and pricey, schools are in other countries. Nonetheless, wherever a lawyer gets his or her degree, the chance to become a licensed practitioner is still there.

Legal careers, however, are not exclusive to the privileged. A law firm has several departments, and legal processes have even more. One person cannot do it all, although lawyers ultimately decide on everything. The person who probably does the grunt work is the legal secretary, and firms are always on the lookout for good ones.

A Lawyer’s Right Hand

Quinn Staff, a recruitment agency, is the arm of lawyers tasked to look for the most competent secretaries. A big part of it is because they are required to file accurate reports, prepare legal documentation and manage the lawyers’ schedule and even travel plans. They are the lawyers’ right hand, making it important to have exceptional organisational skills.

A Pay Grade That is Worth It

Any job pays well, as long as an employee shows his or her worth. As someone who will work in the legal industry, know that the potential for higher pay is likelier for legal secretaries. When they become indispensable to the firm, legal secretaries can earn up to $60,000. The minimum can range from $35,000 to $40,000, much more than a regular employee’s pay.

For Lawyers Who Did Not Make It

Believe or not, there are law students who are not aiming to be lawyers after finishing university. Being a legal secretary is a good foundation if they are still aiming to work within the industry. There is also a chance for them to make good money on the job, before moving on to bigger things.

Legal secretary jobs are attractive, if higher-than-average pay and prestige matters to you. It is still a lot better than most work, so why not try it?

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