August 24, 2019
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LTL Trucking

LTL TruckingLess-than-truckload shipping, commonly called LTL shipping is a great option for businesses with too much load for parcel shipping but not adequate enough for a full truckload. LTL shipments typically weigh between 151 and 15,000 pounds. If you’re still on the fence regarding LTL shipping, consider the following benefits it could offer you.

Reduced Shipping Costs

West Coast Carriers says that with LTL shipping, you could ship freight weighing over 150 pounds at a small fraction of a full trailer’s cost. This is mainly due to the process used in LTL shipping, which involves loading several shipments from different shippers into one truck from one LTL trucking company prior to delivery. This is a common shipping practice called pooling, which enables shippers to only pay for a portion of truck space instead of the whole truck.

More Service Options

Beyond the usual services truckload FTL or full truckload carriers offer, LTL carriers also offer other service options such as liftgates, notification options, non-commercial shipping, as well as inside delivery and pickup. These extra shipping services are normally billed either as a surcharge according to weight or fixed rate.

Easier Shipment Tracking

For very time-sensitive shipments, LTL shippers usually offer estimated delivery times, which means that both the shipper and receiver will be able to easily monitor the shipment. Receivers will also be able to plan ahead to ensure that they’re present once the shipment arrives. Shippers and receivers will able to track shipments using the PO number, pro number, bill of lading number, pickup date range, or reference number.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Many businesses today are becoming conscious of their carbon footprint and are taking simple steps to address this — recycling and using less paper among many others. Because LTL shipping enables one truck to carry shipments from multiple shippers instead of several trucks carrying shipments below their maximum capacity, you significantly help in reducing air emissions every single time you use LTL shipping.

It’s completely understandable to get confused when determining which shipping option you should use because you have to take into account many variables. However, whether you’ve been shipping your products for many years now or are new to shipping, consider LTL shipping and the many benefits it delivers.

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