July 21, 2019
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Woman working from her home officeMany people love the concept that you can be with your family, or enjoy the privacy of your apartment and still get paid as if you were doing a 9 to 5 jobs. Imagine raking in big bucks in your coziest pajamas.  But is working from home as great as they say it is? If there are downsides to being remote, how can these issues be addressed?

Dividing Time For Work and Time For Rest

It’s been written about that if you would like to sleep soundly through the night, don’t work in your bed or room. It helps establish psychologically that your bed and room is for your rest and time for yourself. If you are planning working from home, do invest in creating a home office.

Online Office Furniture suggests that you should buy good value office furniture from an online store and designate that space solely for work. In the previously mentioned survey, 33% of the respondents said that lack of equipment and other office furniture was a hindrance to effectiveness as well. This highlights the importance of having a work station in your house.

Work Time and Family Time

This setup will enable professionals to balance work and life better, but it turns out setting boundaries are healthier for relationships and more effective for work. A survey on this subject in 95 countries with some 24,000 respondents revealed that 60 % of the respondents claimed that it’s challenging working when kids are demanding attention. So clearly a couple of houses/office rules have to be defined for family members.

Living in Isolation

After a while of working at home, you might realize that working with a team is sometimes essential. You may have differences with your office mates in your 9 to 5 office jobs, but surely there are many advantages of working with your team.

Undoubtedly, working from home has so many advantages from saving in transportation cost to controlling your own work pace.

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