2 Most Crucial Reminders When Operating a Cherry Picker

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Cherry pickers being usedCherry pickers have several nicknames in the industry, including man lifts and basket cranes. These elevated access platforms are movable, and it can be very beneficial when working at heights.

As you are well aware, people mount cherry pickers onto a truck, and they offer high-level access for several commercial applications. This includes construction, guttering, roofing, tree surgery, cleaning and maintenance.

Before your employer requests for a cherry picker hire here in Staffordshire, make sure to update yourself with these safety reminders.

Check the Condition of the Grounds

Before you begin operating that rented cherry picker, ensure that the ground you will be working on is stable and level. Never consider using a cherry picker if the ground is uneven and sloping (over five degrees incline).

Forget about the deadlines because you cannot operate in the dark, near power lines and extremely cold temperatures.

You must also refrain from using it if there are high winds and thunderstorms with the risk of lightning. Moreover, do not operate this machine if you are already carrying the maximum load as you might topple over.

Dare Not Take Risks

Since a cherry picker is a movable platform, it can assist you in an extensive array of high-level access responsibilities. It is essential that you operate within the constraints of the safety harness and working platform at the top of the machine. You want to avoid falling from serious heights, as it can be fatal.

It may be tempting to overreach while doing your task on the platform, but this is a dangerous act that you do not want to underestimate. It will be safer for you to move the machine from place to place for more access.

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Besides incorporating the safety precautions when operating the cherry picker, you must also double check the quality of the machine with the employer. The key here is to use the proper equipment to access elevated areas.