3 Home Trends That Are Likely to Continue in 2018

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Clean and green homeThis year, several interesting design trends emerged and stood out to many aspiring homeowners. With the year drawing to an end, you can expect some of these trends to remain dominant in 2018.

Before applying for a mortgage in Sandy, Utah, perhaps you’d like to learn about these home design trends. City Creek Mortgage cites some of them.

The popularity of customized space will rise

Most new homeowners no longer want to buy prefabricated houses. Instead, they want homes that reflect their personal preferences. Many of those who buy finished homes are opting to spend money on remodeling to suit their tastes. As you buy a house, it’s important to think what exactly you want so you don’t spend too much remodeling it.

The move towards green homes shall escalate

Today’s home buyers are more attracted to properties that are built using green building practices and they will for the coming years. Concerns about global warming are making people take proactive steps in various sectors, and real estate has not been left behind. But it’s not just to save the environment that makes people want to own environmental-friendly homes. They know that green homes save energy, translating into lower utility bills.

Smart homes are becoming more popular‍

The word ‘smart’ has fascinated tech lovers for many years. You’ll find all types of smart gadgets on the market. Now, people want smart homes. In fact, voice-activated electronics are quickly becoming a reality in many households. Buying a house with these features might require you to pay a higher amount, but the convenience is worth it.

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If you weren’t able to buy your preferred home this year, you need not worry. As new trends continue to emerge, you’re in a better position to find and own the trendiest, most convenient unit that fits your budget in 2018.