3 Tips on How to Improve Your Book Sales

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Man creating a website for his book salesSo you wrote a book. Now the hard part begins—selling it. It’s not enough that you have it out there, you have to find ways on how to sell more copies. Here are some suggestions on how to do it. And remember, if you want to improve your book sales, you also have to step up your royalty calculations to keep track of your progress.

Create a website

These days, every business needs a website, right? And if you’re a writer, you have to treat yourself as a brand. And if you do personal branding, you have to have your website—not just to sell and showcase your work, but also to provide your audience with new content regularly. Your website is a powerful lead generation tool, and if you have one, it’s the first thing that could pop up when people search for you. But it’s not enough that you have a website, you have to publish new content regularly through your blog.

Create a book launch event

If you work with a traditional publisher, they will probably throw you a book launch party. But if you’re a self-published author, you need to do this using your own money and resources. It doesn’t have to be a grand event. A small book launch party can generate as many sales. Invite your family and friends and ask them to bring people they know. What’s important is that you get more people to know about your new book and create an event wherein they can get the book at a discounted or special price.

Work with online influencers

There are many book ambassadors online that you can work with. Find one on Facebook or Instagram and give them a copy of your book for review and posting. What’s good about these online influencers is that the people who follow them are readers as well and might be interested in buying a copy of the book they are endorsing. It’s an easy way to get the followers of the ambassadors you choose.

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There are more simple ways on how to increase the sales of your book, but you can start with these three examples and work your way up to bigger tactics. Remember, it’s not enough that you wrote a book. You need to sell copies.