Content Marketing Tips for Tourism Businesses

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Content marketing on a notebookSometimes, one of the hardest products to sell is a destination. It’s an experience, not something you can keep in your pocket, after all. As a result, tourism businesses and organizations must strive when marketing their location. Don’t sell benefits but the experience as a whole. Here are four content marketing tips to follow.

Know your traveler type

Ask yourself: “Who do I want to see in my destination?” What kind of travelers are you selling to? Determine your customer (couples, families, millennials, etc.customize) and build your content marketing plan around them. Knowing and understanding your audience allows you to customize your ideas according to their wants and needs.

Be visual

People travel because they want to experience what they have seen in photos and videos. Take advantage of visual as a marketing tool. Gather quality photographs (don’t forget to credit) and share them on your business page. You can also create videos that show the beauty of your location. Entice customers through visuals they can’t say no to.

Invest in translation services

Most travelers can write and understand English, but many still prefer their native tongue. Don’t discount the importance of translation, especially when your business involves tourism. A Singapore translation company says that apart from attracting a bigger audience, translation services allow businesses to build new opportunities both in person and online.

Be mobile-friendly

Travelers usually consume content on their mobile phones as it is more convenient and on-the-go. Because of this, it is only wise to publish your content on a speedy and responsive website. Other than making it easier for travelers, it also makes your brand look better and more memorable online.

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Promoting a destination involves a lot of hard work. As today’s consumers are pickier of what they follow and purchase, content marketers must think of unique ways to sell a location. Make your place stand out by taking advantage of visuals, translation services, and digital trends.