Enhancing the Holistic Culture in Workplaces

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Employees planning to have a holistic culture in the workplaceMany young professionals working in Singapore value work and life balance greatly. This has given rise to a holistic workplace culture that seamlessly integrates work, nature and lifestyle activities. One driving force of this shift is the rising popularity of mobile technologies. These days, you can work practically anywhere you please – whether it is in an office, in a café or at home.

Several developers are already adapting to this shifting, more connected workplace culture. The Paya Lebar Commercial Hub, for example, sits in the heart of Singapore’s Redevelopment Authority’s master plan, combining modern office spaces with retail, entertainment and leisure activities.

An Emphasis on Health and Well-being

There is an ever-increasing awareness of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, which is why many professionals are seeking better opportunities to pursue more fitness activities. Amenities such as green public spaces, showers, lockers and bicycle lots are highly sought after and are just one of the many factors that tenants consider when choosing a new office space.

Convenient transportation routes are also a huge factor – time is precious, and many young professionals prefer to spend their time on more productive activities such as working out or spending time with their families, rather than wasting it on a long commute.

A Love for Mixed-use Environments

The Millennial workforce as a whole is always demanding more from their surroundings and their companies. The need for mobility and interconnectivity extends far beyond public spaces – even offices have to incorporate a holistic approach to their workspaces through mixed-use spaces.

These spaces are adopting a people-first approach and take full advantage of their open-plan offices. Instead of stifling cubicles and rows upon rows of desks, offices now include a more collaborative floor plan.

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Employers are also investing in ways to improve the indoor environment by incorporating more greenery, natural lighting, and investing in enhanced air filtration.

By 2020, over 45 per cent of Asia’s population will be Millennials; employers will do well to invest in the physical and mental well-being of its workforce.