Exterior Cladding Must Haves

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Amazing exterior claddingAside from having a sturdy foundation, the exterior of your building plays an important part in ensuring that your structure will last for a long time. Your exterior acts as your first line of defence against harsh weather elements. Without one, you are hastening your structure’s deterioration.

Here are some characteristics you need to look for in your exterior cladding.

Keeps water out

Water can cause a lot of damage to a building’s foundation. It can seep through walls and could lead to utter deterioration of the structure. Water that seeps in through walls could weaken the strength of the mortar. To avoid this, the exterior must be able to keep the water out.

One good example of this is using aluminium weatherboard cladding, one of the products offered by firms such as Nu-wall Aluminium Cladding.  This will help secure the integrity of your foundation as it can keep out water.

Tough and durable

Aside from keeping the water out, the cladding must be tough and durable. An exterior cladding that could keep the water out, but readily bends and breaks will not be serving its purpose. It must likewise be sturdy and strong. It must last for a long time. Try to look for powder-coated aluminium weatherboard.

You can also look for those that have an anodised finish. These claddings are popular for their durability and their ability to withstand harsh weather elements.


Following the thrust of the New Zealand government for sustainable development, it would be the best choice to choose recyclable cladding. When your cladding is recyclable, you are helping in preserving the environment. In fact, you are not using up many resources since you are merely recycling materials. Also, the structure of your building would be an example for others to follow suit.

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The next time that you would be choosing the cladding for your building, keep these criteria in mind. Choose the one that will keep the water out, highly durable and one that is recyclable. When these characteristics are present, your structure will be safe.