Five Questions to Answer about Your Website Design

Posted on by Ink Well Mag

Man doodling a layout of his planned website on a glass board using a markerYou are ready to start an online business. All you need now is to design a website. The problem is you have only a basic grasp of web design. You decide anyway to go ahead with a mediocre design, thinking that what truly matters is content.

While it is true that content plays a huge role in making your website relevant and trustworthy among customers (and in search engines), you cannot ignore the effect of the design. Getting professional web design services here in Boston to make your website better is a step in the right direction.

Here are some questions you should answer to make sure your website is ready for business.

Is your website name appropriate?

The URL of your website should be suitable for your business. Aside from that, it should also give the user an immediate hint as to what the website or business is about.

Is your website too complex or confusing?

Users do not have a lot of patience when they are looking for answers. They do not have time to explore a confusing website. Make your site easy to browse and understand.

Does your site help the customer with navigation?

If your customers have to work out how to navigate your site, they will be gone in a few seconds. This is one of the primary reasons behind abandoned shopping carts in many e-Commerce websites. Your site needs navigational tools that are easy to follow.

Can users search within your site?

A user looking for something specific may look for that search field, which should be present on all of your web pages.

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Does your website load too slowly?

Again, nobody has that kind of patience. If your site is a few seconds too slow, that user is bouncing elsewhere.

Web design is not just about aesthetics; it is about both aesthetics (which makes it attractive) and functionality (which encourages users to stay or come back). Have your site professionally designed instead of risking higher bounce rates.