Food Parks in and Around the Metro

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Eating in a food parkMetro Manila is a bustling area in the Philippines made up of 17 different cities – each colorful and famous in its own way. While it is densely populated and traffic jams can get bad during rush hour, there are still plenty of people who love to call Manila their home because of its sights, sounds, and flavors.

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The Birth of the Food Parks

Given the Filipino penchant for good food and casual dining, food parks and eat streets have started coming more and more popular as attractions and tourist destinations. Marikina and Quezon City are the two cities which have become known for their food parks and streets lined with one restaurant after another.

The latter city was once known as the shoe capital of the Philippines because of the number of shoemakers and cobblers in the area. While the industry is still alive, it is the city’s food parks that draw in the crowd year in and year out.

It began with Lilac Street, a stretch of road where small and inexpensive shops opened several years back. It is popular for artisanal food like laksa, milkshakes, ramen, ribs and burgers. However, shortly after, the food parks came to life.

There are now at least four popular food parks in the city, which include Crave Park, Truck Park, and Carnival Food Park.

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Affordable Dining Options

The appeal of food parks is its high-quality and inexpensive food offerings. In Quezon City, Maginhawa Food Park is known for its steaks, ribs, and even Mexican fare, which come at rock bottom prices.

It was originally intended for the student crowd from nearby University of the Philippines; but as the number of restaurants grew, so did the number of diners who don’t mind driving all the way there for a taste of their favorite food.

Indeed, Manila’s culinary scene is alive and thriving. If you are looking for affordable foodie adventures, hit these food parks!