How to Create a Steampunk Design for Your Home Office

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Man planning to do the steampunk design for his home officeIf you are working from home, consider setting up a home office is so you could avoid all the noise and activity at home and perform your tasks in peace. Don’t settle for a boring, old computer-on-desk setup, however. Give your home a bit of personality by going for an interesting style, such as a steampunk design. Here’s how to achieve this aesthetic:

Use a Muted Color Palette

Steampunk is defined by a muted and neutral color palette. Go for a dark brown, dark green, sepia or beige color scheme and work from there.

Incorporate Metal

Steampunk is characterized by the use of different metals, signifying its origins in the Victorian Era and the Industrial Revolution. When choosing your office furniture, such as your desk and filing cabinets, choose pieces that use different purpose metals and other materials like wood. Urban95 recommends choosing an aviator desk with a metal patchwork design, inspired by World War II fighter planes.

Use Leather

Leather is another defining material of the steampunk design. It adds an old world feel to a room. Plus, it is a very comfortable material. Go for dark brown leather for your home office furniture, especially for your chairs and sofas.

Accessorize with Vintage Finds

There are two ways you can go with your steampunk accessories. First, you can go for actual Victorian or Industrial Revolution era items which you can find in antique stores. Second, you can go for custom-made accessories that are steampunk inspired. These you can find in specialty stores or have a designer custom design pieces for you.

Great examples of accessories include old world maps and globes; items that feature gears such as vintage clocks; lighting fixtures made with metal and have exposed bulbs. Choose as many steampunk inspired accessories as you wish. Just make sure not to go overboard.

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