London on a Budget: Visiting Britain’s Capital without Breaking the Bank

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Beautiful view of LondonAsk around, and you will learn that London is on the top of the list of most people’s dream travel destinations. There is so much about this multicultural destination that it entices the imagination of many. The only thing that pulls them back mostly is the cost.

While it can be expensive coming here, there are things you can do to make it less expensive. Here are some of them.

Affordable Accommodation Alert

Noisy and vibrant London has a wide range of accommodation options available. Thankfully, you will find one that would meet your needs, requirements and budget.

If you are looking for affordable accommodation in London, B&Bs, hostels, apartment hotels and home-stays are some of the most amazing choices you can get from firms such as LHA London.

To get the best deal, it is important that you book for your lodging ahead of time. This will allow you to stand a chance at getting discounts or affordable rates.

Must-See Free London Attractions

One of the best things about London is that some excellent, captivating attractions are available free of charge. Museums like the National Gallery and the British Museum, which house plenty of masterpieces and artefacts, you can visit free.

Other must-see sights that would not set you back for any cost at all include the Houses of Parliament where the world-famous Big Ben clock is, the Southbank Centre where you can catch a glimpse of the London Eye, Tate Modern, Hampstead Heath, Greenwich Park, Kensington Gardens, Sky garden, and the Borough Market.

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Nothing should stop you from pursuing a London travel just because you have a limited budget. You can traverse this destination the inexpensive way if you are smart enough scouting for affordable accommodation, free attractions, cheap eats, bargain shops, and small cabaret shows.

Doing so will not diminish the quality of fun and entertainment you can enjoy yet it will slash your budget considerably, so you will not get broke by going with your heart to see majestic London.