Packaging That Will Make Your Small Business Brand Stand Out

Posted on by Ink Well Mag

Package Your Business' ProductSmall businesses may not have the financial ability to launch a global scale marketing campaign or fund a multi-million dollar advertising agency, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t compete with bigger brands. If there’s one thing that can catch a consumer’s eye during shopping, it is packaging. Most small companies do not put too much importance on their packaging, believing that it is simply one of the costs that they can cut down to maximize revenues, but this is a mistake.

Your product’s packaging may not last as long as your actual product, in fact, it may be thrown out right after the purchase, but it is what can make the purchase happen in the first place. It’s what grabs your buyers’ attention and convinces them to take your product off the shelf and not the competition.

So here are a few expert tips on how to make your product packaging a commercial success.

Handmade is Better

Everybody likes personalized gifts. Knowing that something was personally handmade for you makes it all the more special. This works for packaging as well. If you can make your products look like they were made especially for them, they are more likely to buy it.

Protect Your Products

One of the more underrated objectives of product packaging is protection. Your package has to at least protect your product long enough for your buyer to enjoy it. There are many ways you can accomplish this, such as shrink sleeves or cardboard jackets. As long it serves its purpose, you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

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Improve Functionality

If you can use your packaging to add functionality to your product, it will make your customers all the more likely to buy you over the competition. For example, if you can incorporate a place where consumers can put your dips right in the packaging of your potato chips, then they will choose your brand over another that doesn’t offer the same.

These are just a few ideas that can make your products jump off the shelf and into your customer’s baskets. Knowing the tricks of the trade is half the battle, though, there are plenty more other things you can do to improve your brand.