Retail Secrets: Protecting Your Brand’s Image

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Executives having a meeting about unauthorized resellersBranding is important to sell a product. While establishing a brand is difficult, having a recognizable name does not mean your job is done. After establishing a credible brand, your next task is protecting it.

Here’s what you should do:

Protect Quality

One bad apple may have a huge impact on your company. Quality control is important to maintain your brand’s reputation, and this should be done regularly to ensure that you are only distributing products that have passed your standards. You also need to enforce a minimum advertised price policy to protect your brand’s quality. This means retailers need to sell the products at a reasonable price that does not go below the minimum advertised price if they do not want to lose the benefits they enjoy as an authorized retailer.

Observe Unauthorized Resellers

Unfortunately, not all retailers and resellers are authorized. Some of them may be waiting for authorization while others may have ignored a rule and have been dropped as an authorized retailer. Regardless of the reason, you need to watch how they operate, because they have a higher rate of ignoring pricing policies, which compromise your brand. Authorized retailers have something to lose because complying with your rules gives them access to “hot” new items. On the other hand, unauthorized resellers do not have anything to lose because they don’t get these privileges anyway.

Crack Down on Imitation Sellers

Aside from unauthorized retailers, you also need to turn your attention to imitation sellers, who are selling products that look like what you offer, minus the quality that people have grown to expect from authentic items. This is especially important when you are a leading brand like Nike with plenty of competition and detractors. When imitation sellers do not make it clear that their products are not genuine, customers will think they are getting a good deal. What they do not know is that these products are made of substandard materials, which makes the low price possible.

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A business must do what it can to establish and protect its brand. Be ready for different kinds of attacks on your brand’s quality.