What Does It Take to Become a Good HGV Driver?

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HGV driver smiling and ready to workFinding a job is a challenge for many. In fact, a lot of 16 to 24-year-olds think it difficult to secure a job interview and stand out from fellow job seekers. They fear job hunting and, consequently, this holds them back from finding a stable job.

Job hunting is not entirely intimidating when you are confident in your skills. If you are looking for work opportunities as a heavy goods’ vehicle (HGV) driver, for instance, open your eyes to the qualifications you already have for the job. This way, you will have an edge over other job seekers who are competing for the position.

Sufficient Familiarity with the Job Description

The independent recruitment agency A&S Recruitment shares how it finds the right candidate in the right role. Agencies such as theirs look for HGV drivers based on the industry knowledge and working partnerships that they develop through the years.

Recruiters understand that HGV drivers may have to spend hours, on end, driving on various road conditions. As such, the first thing that recruiters look for is familiarity with the job description. They make sure that potential HGV drivers understand what the job entails so as not to feel overwhelmed with what the work demands.

Adequate Background in Driving

Employers may be willing to train new employees about the company culture and the workforce process, but they expect job applicants to have an adequate background in what they are applying for. At the least, HGV drivers should meet these basic requirements:

  • a full car licence
  • the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence
  • be at least 18 years old
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This way, you are one step closer to signing a contract with your future employer.

Don’t feel intimidated, though. Employers often provide remedial training or company-specific training for new employees. They are more than willing to hone your skills if you are willing to grow with the company.

Sufficient familiarity with the job description and background in driving, combined with the eagerness to improve, already make you one step ahead of other people looking for HGV driving job opportunities. Knowledge is a good starting point; you will become a better HGV driver with experience.