A Starter’s Guide to Land Development

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Wide land area being developed and industrialisedNew Zealand’s land development and site preparation services industry had seen considerable upswing from 2012 to 2015. This means that there are more ‘economically significant enterprises’ devoted to this sector. If you belong to the consumer group, this means that more businesses in the land development industry are competing for your attention — and eventually, your investment — which equates to better and more customer-friendly deals.

Meanwhile, if you are a stakeholder in the industry, it also follows that you must level up your game.

The Complexity of Land Development

From a consumer’s point of view, land development and real estate are as easy as looking for a property and coming up with the best mortgage deal. From a land developer’s perspective, however, the process is much more complicated since you must adhere to a stringent process. This entails that you accomplish highly technical tasks, such as:

  • Environmental Site Feasibility and Assessments
  • Historic Architectural and Archeological Resource Assessment
  • Engineering Feasibility
  • Site Analysis
  • Comprehensive Planning and Zoning
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Floodplain Studies

Land development is akin to a complex scientific inquiry where you must apply knowledge and expertise derived from a range of disciplines, including law and mathematics.

Land Planning Consultants

To keep your land development enterprise running as smoothly as possible, Cato Bolam Consultants says that working with competent planning consultants is one of the most reliable tricks of the trade. These professionals can do a range of jobs on your behalf. From liaising with lobbyists and contractors to plotting step-by-step logistical plans, the scope of competencies these experts can contribute to your enterprise can never be understated.

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To choose the most reliable planning consultants in the market, you can check testimonies from their past clients. The satisfaction level of these clients is your trustworthy barometer in knowing whether a planning consultant can deliver all of your job expectations.

Land development may be more than what you think. If you have no experience, then seeking the help of experts is the way to go.