Benefits of Landscaping Your Garden with Native Plants

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North American Home in the suburbs.Many homeowners think it is cheaper to do their own landscaping without involving an expert. However, skimping on professional services could actually lead to poor land design. Also, you can improve your outdoor space with native plants. Here’s why.

Indigenous plants save water.

Native plants adapt to the local climate wherever they are. Once established by a garden design expert in Kent, they can survive with minimum irrigation in addition to regular rainfall.

They are low-maintenance.

Since they grow in whatever condition, native plants don’t need a lot of maintenance. Once they start growing, you only need to do a bit of pruning and pest control. In most cases, they can withstand pest and diseases of the area. In the end, you will use less water, less fertiliser, and nearly no pesticides.

Local plants don’t require pesticides.

Native plants have natural defence mechanisms against local diseases and pests. Experts tell us that commercial herbicides and pesticides are dangerous to the environment. For instance, pesticides kill everything they fall on and can end up killing beneficial insects too. By reducing the use of pesticides, you allow the plants to use their natural ability to kill pests, reducing the pollution in your garden.

Native plants blend well with wildlife.

They attract birds, butterflies, and other beneficial insects that can turn your backyard into a little sanctuary. Planting natural trees and shrubs will preserve your garden more than buying expensive fertilisers from the supermarket.

What are the overall benefits of landscaping?

Improving the curb appeal of your property increases its value. If you would like to sell the property, you are more likely to earn more compared with selling properties with poorly maintained outdoor spaces. Besides, proper landscaping reduces heating and cooling costs.

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