May 25, 2019
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PMP Certification

PMP CertificationExams can be daunting for students and aspiring professionals. Many people entering a certain industry usually have to pass certification tests. These tests validate a person’s skills and knowledge that all contribute in fulfilling a job description. 

One such test is the project management professional exam, or the PMP exam, points out the Milestone Management Partners.

Study Methods

You may be preparing for such a test yourself. Of course, you can study in various ways and methods. You can self-study with study books and exam guides. You can also take a PMP training course online or live in a classroom setting here in Nevada. Which study method should you choose?

Online or Live

When you want to take an exam prep, you have to choose between an online course or a live course. Each choice has their pros and cons. To help you in your decision-making, here are a few things to ponder on.

Cost, Location, Schedule, Slots

When it comes to cost, online courses are cheaper, yet live courses have solid records of high passing rates. For location, schedule, and accommodation, live courses are conducted in an actual place, have an established schedule, and have limited slots. With online courses, you can study at home and study anytime. Slots are unlimited as well.

Interaction with People

One important difference between online and live courses is social interaction. You can interact extensively in live courses that can help you learn from instructors and other students. Online courses, on the contrary, isolates you in your home, without the same level of interaction as a live course.

Important Reminders

Once you choose between online or live courses, you can think of other things. You have to think about your budget. You also have to ensure that the course provider and the instructor are certified. You can check if the course is based on the latest guides. Finally, you can also check if 35 Contact Hours—a requirement for PMP certification—will be credited to you at the end of the course.

Once you have done all of the things previously mentioned, you can finally focus on the PMP exam. Good luck!

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