3 Techniques to Create an Appealing Color Scheme

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Houses and doors in different colorColor plays a huge role in design and branding. Without it, illustrations look dull, and businesses have no solid identity. Most design theories involve a color scheme, which designers can use when working on a project. Choosing the right combination, however, can be difficult. Here are three techniques to help you out.

Understand Color Psychology

Color psychology is the theory that certain colors elicit certain emotions from people, often subconsciously. Red, for example, denotes passion and excitement while blue signifies trust and strength. Use color psychology by referring to your brand and its values. What emotions does your brand promote? What feelings does it want to project? Associate them with color and slowly build a scheme from there. Make sure that each color can represent your brand appropriately.

Refer to the Color Wheel

Many designers refer to the color wheel, especially when a project involves a complex combination of colors. According to SEO Werkz, a company that provides website design in Salt Lake City, designers can work on a color scheme by resourcing three primary color methods:

  • Monochromatic, which uses variations in lightness and saturation of a single color;
  • Analogous, which uses colors that are next to each other on the color wheel; and
  • Complementary, which cites contrasting colors.

See how they balance each other and work on a scheme from there.

Base Color on Images

Build inspiration and color schemes by using photographs as reference. Find a picture that you like and that you feel reflects the mood and essence of your brand. Inspect its colors and build a scheme out of it. Photographs provide different undertones such as cool (typically green and blue), warm (usually red and yellow), and bold (includes vibrant shades of colors.) Use these as reference for your color palette.

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When used correctly, a visually-appealing color scheme can do so much for your business. It can attract customers, create a name for your business, and represent your character and style. Choose colors wisely and make sure they don’t hurt the eye.