Before Things Get Messier: Dealing with Messy, Disorganized Colleagues

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Man in a Messy Office SpaceThe office is much like a pool of different people, some of which embody known archetypes. Some of them can be your friends, while some you’ll find difficult to be on good terms with. When it comes to the latter, your messy officemates are surely part of your list of pet peeves.

Your messy officemates are the type who’ll just leave dirty dishes in the pantry. They’re so insensitive that they mindlessly shove the crumbs of their food onto your side. If they’re getting on your nerves, here are some ways to help you deal with them:

Be upfront about it

If you keep beating around the bush, the problem will not be solved. So what you need to do is be frank about it. But that doesn’t mean that you need to be harsh. Don’t tell the problem in front of your other office mates. If you can, go the pantry and tell them your concern. Use gentle words and be ready for defensive words and excuses.

Consider a re-layout

If things are not going as planned, you may request an office re-layout so that the employee in question will go to another spot. It may be their location in the office that makes it difficult for them to keep their spot clean. Maybe, the trash can is too far away or they’re too lazy to go the pantry.

Conditioning is the key here. To change this behavior, the management may put a trash can beside each table. To prompt them to wash their own dishes, you may put a sign in the pantry that says “Clean As You Go.”

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Organize a Spring-Cleaning Day

If you want a massive behavioral change, you can have a spring-cleaning day at your office on a regular basis. The job will not be entirely done by the employees, though. Let a reliable provider specializing in office cleaning in Salt Lake City take the lead and encourage them.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to deal with your messy officemates. One thing you also need to remember: be patient. It could also be a struggle for them.