Emergency Vehicle Equipment that Can Make a Huge Difference

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Ambulance with fiery and luminescent red emergency lightsEmergency vehicles are essential tools that can help law enforcement agencies, firefighters, medical responders, and other public safety services carry out their vital, life-saving tasks. These automobiles may have initially started as the regular ones, but they have undergone considerable upgrades and changes that allow them to bear the term “emergency” in their name.

Because of the many different purposes of emergency vehicles, it should go without saying that they largely differ from personal cars. They come outfitted with numerous tools, devices, and other technologies that allow their operators to come to the rescue of those in need.

The lighting systems that only emergency vehicles can have and use

One of the major differences between emergency vehicles and the personal ones is the set of lights equipped in the former. Emergency lights, as the term already suggests, convey a message with a high sense of urgency. When powered on, they notify the traffic on all sides that an emergency has occurred, and motorists should give way.

The type of lights all depend on the particular emergency vehicle; for instance, police vehicles typically come with solid blue and solid red lights, although in some cases, they also have white lights included. As for firetrucks, the light colors include solid red and white. Ambulance vans and trucks, on the other hand, signal traffic with their lights in solid red, solid white, and a combination of these two.

The sirens that bring the message loud and clear

Another must-have equipment in emergency vehicles that consumers won’t find in typical automobiles is a siren. LED Equipped notes that siren speakers, like emergency lighting, relay a message informing the public of a certain emergency situation. In addition to notifying them to give way, siren operators can also reroute the traffic, keeping the risks of even more disasters or accidents from taking place.

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These are just a few of the things that distinguish emergency vehicles from those for personal use, but they are also some of the most important players in life and death situations.