Four Ways to Take Care of Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions of Different ColorsHair extensions are one of the greatest additions to your beauty must-haves. It gives instant long hair whenever you need it, and you can even experiment to see if a particular hairstyle looks good on you. Hair extensions have a limited lifespan, however, and you can even cut it shorter if you don’t take good care of it. If you want to make your investments last a long time, here are some ways to give them some TLC:

1. Wash with the right products

Your clip-on hair extensions, for instance, don’t produce natural oils, so they don’t get as dirty as your natural hair. You don’t even need to wash them after every use, except in cases when they get dirty. Anchante Hair and many salon experts say that it’s best to wash them every four or six weeks. Before washing, however, make sure you prepare it beforehand by brushing away its tangles. Use lukewarm water, moisturizing shampoo, and a hydrating conditioner. Avoid scrubbing it to prevent breakage.

2. Brush it the right way

Don’t brush your clip-on hair extensions when they’re wet. After washing, let them dry naturally. When removing tangles, make sure you brush the extensions by making a downward motion. Start from the tips and work your way up. Avoid brushing vigorously to prevent breakage.

3. Invest in leave-in conditioning products

Due to the lack of natural oils, your clip-on hair extensions can get dry fast. Prevent this by applying some leave-in conditioning products to prevent frizz and dryness. If you have the budget, be generous with the condition oils and creams.

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4. Store them properly

Before storing them away, make sure they’re completely dry and tangle-free. Keeping them as dry as possible can prevent mustiness and mildew, which can be a health scare, especially for people with airborne allergies.

If you want your clip-on hair extensions to last, treat them with care as you would your normal hair. After all, the goal is to pass them off as your own. With proper usage and care, you’ll be able to extend the life of your hair extensions.