Getting Assistance for Group Homes: Availability of Grants

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Women talking and starting a group homeStarting a group home can be an emotionally rewarding and psychologically satisfying investment. Such facilities have the goal of providing certain groups of individuals, such as Alzheimer’s patients or those who wish to undergo substance abuse treatment, with specialized non-medical care.

A safe environment where they can live among others who understand them and what they have gone through can help them cope up better with their life. And many thanks to the availability of, say, a grant for group homes, you can get the assistance you need to open and maintain one.

Determining the type of group home to open

Before you apply for a grant or any other financial assistance or service, it is important you first establish the specific type of non-medical care environment the group facility will feature. There are many different types of group homes operating in the United States today.

However, most of them cater to individuals who have specialized needs, such as those with physical or mental disabilities, as well as those undergoing substance abuse treatment and recovery. Many group homes also focus on providing care for the elderly adult.

In general, though, the size of the home determines the number of individuals it can accommodate. For this reason, most group homes can take in anywhere from six to 25 residents.

The Developing Center Grants

Sponsored and awarded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the Developing Center Grant helps fund group homes dedicated to assisting individuals (mostly adults) suffering from mental disabilities.

The amount varies and depends on the extent of the research the facility conducts, as well as its number of residents. The aim of this grant is to help researchers discover ways to reduce the great burden placed by mental and behavioral disorders on the lives of those who have it.

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There are several other grants available for those who wish to start a group home. Thus, it is important you explore all your options to find the best one that suits the specific environment you want the facility to have.