Headstones: Know What Your Options Are

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Headstones in a cemetery with red tulipsThere are many different variables that go into a cemetery burial, but one that remains constant is the marker. More commonly called a “headstone,” it serves as an identification of the person buried in a plot of land. From the name to the dates of birth and death, it contains information that makes it easy for family and friends to recognize their loved one’s place of burial amidst the hundreds of others in the cemetery.

These markers, however, serve more than just an identifier. For many, it’s the only physical reminder connected to their loved one who brought them joy in life. For this reason, they only choose to work with a Salt Lake City provider of quality, beautiful headstones. And so should you.

Selecting the most appropriate headstone style

Headstones have continuously evolved. Thanks to these improvements, you now have many options to choose from. This makes it easier for you to choose based on what you think best symbolizes your deceased loved one. You have to factor in the cost, though, as they come with varying prices.

The most common flat and bevel markers

Flat markers, which some also refer to as “grass markers,” still remain as the most popular choice since they’re the least inexpensive. Set at the top of the grave, they lie flat on the ground while being surrounded by lush grass. There is also the bevel kind — similar to the flat ones — wherein they lie flat on the ground too, but have several inches rising above the grass.

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The more prominent kind

When you want increased visibility, consider the slant style of headstones. Also called “pillow stones,” these usually rise about 18 inches from the ground with their bottom still lying flat. The front of the stone angles backwards, though. Last but not the least are monuments, which are what headstones really are. They stand upright and of the ground, providing the greatest visibility and prominence.

The headstone is one of the things you need to choose carefully, as it’ll represent your deceased loved one. Choose wisely according to its aesthetic and your budget.