Here are Ways Your Business Can Reduce Global Pollution

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Old tires reused as pot for plantsA study found that each year, pollution contributes to the deaths of 6.5 million individuals around the world. For that very reason, many businesses have decided to adopt eco-friendly practices. If you have not yet jumped on board with an environmentally friendly option, it’s not too late. There are plenty of ways you can reduce, or even prevent your business from contributing to the global pollution problem.

Recycle Oils

If you own an automotive business, consider recycling used oil. There are many oil recycling companies such as West Petroleum Combustion Limited that will come and collect used motor oil for recycling purposes. Experts say that used motor oil saves valuable resources and reduces waste, which in turn reduces pollution. Contact an oil recycling company near you to find out more about how your business can stop pollution output by recycling oil.

Increase Efficiency

Replace light bulbs, plumbing fixtures, and equipment within your business to reduce pollution. Using the following items can reduce greenhouse gas emissions created by your company:

  • Fluorescent lights with timers instead of standard light bulbs
  • Low flow fixtures on sinks in bathrooms and break room
  • Automatic shutdown switches on equipment not in use
  • Energy efficient equipment, such as refrigerators and stove (particularly for restaurant business)

Reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions created by your company, you can emphasise eco-friendly practices.

Control Inventory

Implement better practices at work, mainly involving inventory control. If you manage your inventory properly, you can reduce waste, thereby reducing pollution output. In many cases, a lack of inventory control may cause you to over order on items that your business does not need. Over ordering can lead to waste, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

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Employing the tips mentioned above can significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by your business. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, you are also reducing your carbon footprint and the overall amount of pollution produced by your company.